Less Frequent Posts?

There was originally going to be something up today (technically yesterday), an essay, but I realized 800 words in that this was going to be complicated to produce. A similar situation happened later when trying to write a tutorial, but that too was too complicated and wouldn’t even be beneficial to around 99% of the anime community.

That will occasionally happen, I want to do something big but it becomes too ambitious for my own good, and a day goes by without something appearing on the site. Another cause for a lack of posts is procrastination. I get sidetracked very, very easily. One of the purposes of this site is for me to create a consistent posting schedule to help with that weakness of mine. We’ll see how that plays out in the future.

The biggest thing to consider is that school is starting soon, which means way less time to do anything, let alone writing essays for my own enjoyment. I also work, taking away even more time. Of course, those things come first, and my hobbies next in line. If you don’t see me post anything, it’ll be because of the listed reasons: I’m too ambitious, too lazy, or too busy.